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Didn’t get the OP Score you wanted?

So you didn’t get the OP Score you wanted – So What!  


If only we could achieve our career objectives early in life, wouldn’t the employment world be so much easier to navigate and our lives could run according to ours and society’s great plan. If only we could rise above our averageness and score that series of A’s that will get us the OP  we need to get into the university of our choice and gain the degree of our choice and live the life of our choice. If only life were that easy … and boring!

Roads are never straight. They rise over mountains, dip into valleys, they bend around curves and sometimes they take us miles away from our destination before we finally arrive. But along the way we got to see so much more than we expected. We see the unexpected, we encounter people we would never have met and who often speak to us in a way that we never thought possible. The same applies to our careers.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have such a clearly defined career pathway from the beginning of our lives and to be honest, those that do, don’t always follow that pathway. Our careers, like our lives are a journey and an exploration of what could be, rather than just what is.

I am a great advocate of seeking alternative pathways, if only to allow me the time to explore all the alternatives before I launch into something completely strange and a little terrifying. It is often during this time of exploration that I discover hidden abilities and talents that can be useful in ways that I had never thought of. Taking the longer road can make us more resilient, can improve our capabilities and empower us to do better than even we expected of ourselves.

We live in a fast paced world where the idea of lagging behind the rest of the race is to come last, but we all have the same life spans and I ask you … what’s the rush. I have often found that by allowing others to race ahead of me gives me a clearer view of the road ahead and all its obstacles. It has enabled me to not only learn by own mistakes but by avoiding those on the road ahead of me.

Don’t give up. Don’t race down the road ahead of everyone just to win the race. Take time to learn from the journey. Your pathway might not reveal itself immediately, but at least it will only have temporary glitches, not permanent barriers.

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Linda Rossow

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