Our Services

Support Coordination

  • Assisting individuals to develop resilient and capacity to make choices regarding coordination of their own supports.
  • Strengthen an individuals ability to coordinate their own supports.
  • Training and mentoring of individuals and their carers in plan management to give them a greater capacity to design and implement their own supports.
  • Specialised support coordination for higher and more complex needs.

Increased Independence and Daily Living Skills

  • Training individuals to manage their own NDIS plan in some part – helping them to create greater choice and independence.
  • Build individual life skills for community, social and recreational participation – includes public transport training.
  • Improving social skills to assist individuals in a group setting.
  • Assist individuals to increase social capacity that will improved participation in social, community and recreational activities.

Community Participation and Pathway Planning

  • Assist individuals to access and engage more regularly in community, social and recreational activities.
  • Assist individuals to access and engage more regularly in community, social and recreational activities as part of a group.
  • Design and implement group based activities in a centre that increases individuals capacity to work or create self-employment opportunities.

Life Stage Transitions and Career Making

  • Support individuals to obtain and maintain suitable accommodation.
  • Develop a team of volunteers to assist with community and lifestyle activities through mentoring and peer support.
  • Assist individuals to develop personal and career goals and pathways that create financially and socially empowering opportunities.

Career Development and Pathway Planning

Just starting out or looking for a new direction, we can assist you to identify your strengths and put you on the pathway to a new career, it’s easier then you think.

Group Skills Development – Talking Circles

Learn how to put your story down on a page. How to improve the wording so that it gets the right message across and than learn how to stand up in front of a group and tell your story. Talking Circles lets you develop the ability to speak in public in a manner and situation that is not so confronting.

Research and Development

Is your organisation or group looking to role out a new venture but you need to do some research and analysis first? Our qualified and experiences can tailor data collection to suit your needs.

Grant and Tender Writing

Proven winning formula for funding applications big or small.

  • Want an application written from the beginning
  • Need to collect more information
  • Will write the grant and complete the acquittals when the project is finalized.
  • Competitive rates – no win, no pay.

Community Consultation 

Working with organisations, local governments and not-for-profits to develop community understanding of future projects and to consult community members about projects that will affect their lives.

Project Design and Management

Do you have a venture that you are keen to roll out but you don’t have the expertise to carry out the job. Our skilled, qualified and experienced team can offer you competitive rates and services.

Event Design and Management

Do you have a vision for a community event that you need help pulling together? Our team have the experience and the skills to make this happen. Competitive rates and services.

Brochure for Focus on Futures 2017

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